How to Remove the White Cast From Sunscreen

For all of you who surf on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, one of the biggest struggles every time you finish a surf session would be to completely remove the white cast on your face while not having your precious skin rubbed 1000 times until you get all the sunscreen off.

So today, we are here to talk about the best sunscreen for surfing and how to take care of your skin when removing it.

As an ocean lover, you certainly would not want your sunscreen to be the reason for coral bleaching and sea pollution. Therefore, It is important to check the sunscreen ingredients before purchase. By using reef-safe sunscreen, you are already standing on the front line to help protect our vulnerable oceanic Eco-system.

Suggested by the Coral Reef Alliance, biodegradable and mineral-based sunscreen is the best choice when looking for layers to protect your skin under the strong and damaging UV rays. You can also consider safe sunscreens without benzene but with the key ingredients of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. These are the only two components considered safe and effective by the FDA. The most common one you can easily find would be the safe Titanium Dioxide sunscreen stick. 

Moreover, the sunscreen often leaves this white cast, stubborn residue on our face, which is just impossible to remove thoroughly. Just imagine having to double cleanse after a long day being washed out along with popping up and riding waves, feel tired already?

Here is how to remove sunscreen properly and effortlessly.

To avoid the brutal rubbing on the white-cast face, you can try using reusable face cleansing pads; They help effectively remove the remaining substance on your face with just a gentle touch. Into her waves offers these reusable cotton rounds especially designed for all you wave chasers out there. Use warm water, or for a deeper cleansing result, cleansing oil to remove sunscreen! After applying the desired medium on the washable cleansing pad,  start tenderly massaging your face. You will feel at ease when seeing how easily the white cast comes off, and the finger pocket feature makes it even simpler to move the cotton pads around your face. After use, you can directly wash your pads with water, and it's ready for the next amazing surf session!

As surfers, we sure go for eco-friendly materials; when choosing our skincare products, the washable cleansing pad is made of bamboo fiber, which not only is a sustainable material but also provides an ultra-soft sensation.

Thank you for helping us defend our mother nature! By taking this small step of changing your sunscreens or using eco-friendly pads, you are not only the warrior who conquers the fear when the waves break on you but also one who would walk an extra mile to ensure our marine friends would have a safe place to live.  

May you all have a glorious session in our favorite sea playground!