1. Does the Sunscreen Wipe Out pads really remove stubborn sunscreen residue with water?

Yes, the Sunscreen Wipe Out Pads are designed for the active women in mind who are always on the go who uses a lot of sunscreen ( zinc based ) on their face for sun protection. It comes with the finger pocket feature so it makes face cleansing easy especially on the facial folds, hairline and eyebrows where the sunscreen residue is difficult to remove.

2. Do you need to wash it first before use?

Yes, It is suggested to wash the Sunscreen Wipe Out pads first before using them.

3. Are the pads easy to clean? I used a lot of tinted sunscreen.

Yes, they are use to clean. It is suggested to quickly hand wash them after every use, and hang to dry. You can chuck it in the washing machine using the 2-in-1 travel and laundry mesh bag at least once a week.

4. Can I use the pads to remove my make up?

Yes, it can be used as a make up remover pads (light make up only) but not suggested in removing waterproof mascara. They also works great in removing mask after your sun care routine.