It's Lukus here, the woman behind Into Her Waves. I grew up in a family where most of us came from the medical field background. I always find myself reading the ingredients labels of whatever I’m consuming every day from food to skincare. 

As I love to be under the sun, I use a lot of sunscreen on my face and am shocked with all the chemical, toxic, and cancer-causing ingredients of multiple brands I have tried. It became apparent to me after years of research that zinc oxide and titanium dioxide-based sunscreens are the best options that are good for me and the planet. However, I find it difficult to remove the greasy residue it leaves behind. That’s how the Sunscreen Wipe Out Pads were born. It’s a reusable cleansing pad made of bamboo fiber that removes white cast residues and greasy sunscreen on hairlines, facial folds, and pores. It's ultra-soft on sensitive and sun-soaked skin. 

My work isn’t finished here, my vision is to make after sun care products that are high performance, natural, reusable and minimalist. You won’t need to read the labels anymore because I have done the research for you so you can enjoy more time under the sun and get more good vibes!